Levi Burkle - biography

Levi Burkle (pronounced Berk'lee) is a Musician and Filmmaker. As a musician, he has recorded and produced a number of albums: 3 Cent Stamp (2014), Maze (2009), Spies From China LP (2006), Live (2004), and Orange (2002). He also did a number of single releases: Long Gone (2011), Secret Flower (2011), and a cover of the Potbelly song Dreaming of Murder (2012).

Levi's introduction to film came as a composer on the movie The Standard (2006). Years later he wrote and directed a short film entitled Gospel Truth (2011), a film in which he also composed the music.

Levi’s Current Music Projects:

Levi can always be found performing his original material as a solo artist, but he also performs with the following groups...

3 Cent Stamp is a vocal/jazz trio that includes cellist James Hinkley, violinist Gloria Ferry-Brennan and Levi on guitar. They are known for their original arrangements and tight vocal harmonies. They just released their very first self titled album in December of 2014.

KrashZen is a band that is “in development”. It features Levi on guitar, Stephan Ross on bass, and Rachman Ross on drums. Together they write and play all original material. They are currently recording their first LP and plan on playing live in the spring of 2015.

Levi's Past Music Projects:

Levi’s first album, Orange (2002), was finished just shortly after graduating from college. It's an eclectic mix of original Jazz, Swing, Latin, Folk and instrumental tunes.

Levi’s second album, Live (2004), was recorded at a concert in Helena, Montana. On stage in addition to himself were James Hinkley on 'Cello, and Mark Hutchinson on the Coronet.

Spies From China LP (2006) was a rock band that consisted of 3 members: Levi Burkle on guitar/lead/and vocals, Jeff Whitaker on Bass, and Holton Schmitt on Drums. Together they recorded a self-titled LP and played a handful of shows in the Seattle area.

Levi recorded Maze (2009), his 4th album, after giving song writing workshops at various libraries throughout the Seattle area. The songs that were written during these workshops were taken into his home recording studio and became the material for the album.

Levi also recorded a number of singles including: Long Gone (2011), a song that he recorded with Amy Walker; Secret Flower (2011), a song which he was commissioned to write for a book; and Dreaming of Murder (2012) a cover he did of a popular Potbelly song.

Levi’s Film Projects:

Gospel Truth (2011) is a short film about a compulsive liar who tries to run away from his problems. The films stars a young actor named Julian Curelop and a punk rocker named Jason Potbelly. Gospel Truth was screened at Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival (STIFF), and San Luis Obispo’s International Film Festival (SLOIFF).


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