Levi Burkle (pronounce Berk’lee) is a singer/songwriter living in the Pacific NorthWest.  He plays all original acoustic jazz, folk, rock and country music.  As a musician he has recorded and produced a number of albums and has had songs featured in multiple films.  His most recent works include KrashZen, 3 Cent Stamp and the Maze album.  Among these he has also released a number of singles that have been released online and videos on his youtube channel.  Levi also teaches music at Whidbey Island Music Instruction (aka WIMI) in Langley, WA.

If you'd like to discover more of Levi's music, follow the links below.  

Levi's Youtube Channel - a source for all of Levi's videos.  Subscribe to the channel and you will get informed when all of the latest videos are released.

KrashZen - KrashZen is a rock/soul/grove band that Levi is in.  They just came out with a new album and is tight!

3 Cent Stamp - Levi was with this amazing jazz/swing trio.  Currently they are not performing but you should still check out the music.

Gospel Truth - This is a film that Levi not only did the music for, but also wrote and directed.  It's worth a watch, however it's use of strong language makes it suitable for an older audience.  

WIMI - Levi also teaches at Whidbey Island Music Instruction (aka WIMI).  WIMI is a music school in Langley, WA that Levi and a few others founded.

If you want to listen to good music, you have to dig around for it. ~ Unknown